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​PRIZMA Engineering has been involved with various research projects throughout the years.
We see it as our responsibility to stay up to date with the industry’s latest technological breakthroughs for two main reasons:
1st – We want to offer our customers the forefront of extrusion technologies so they can produce premium quality products.
2nd – We want to be a part of the next revelation in our field!

University of Bologna

Additive manufacturing of H-13 inserts for optimal extrusion die cooling

Deakin University

Extrusion Facility for the Development of New Lightweight Alloys and Structures

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Development of high-performance nano-alu material

TU Delft

Forming of magnesium alloy microtubes in the fabrication of biodegradable stents

AEC - ET'20

Additive Manufacturing of H-13 Inserts for Optimal Extrusion Die Cooling

Università Politecnica delle Marche

High temperature deformation of wrought Zn- containing Magnesium alloys

University of Bologna

Effect of process parameters on seam weld quality of ZM21 tubes

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

DC Casting - Simulation and Microstructure of Mg-Zn Alloys


Hydro is opening an aluminium research lab that will help reduce the manufacturing carbon footprint.


A few weeks ago, Hydro opened a new laboratory in Finspäng, Sweden. [DE Translated]

Light Metal Age

In late 2019, the company extended itIn late 2019, the company extended its R&D capabilities by opening up a new extrusion test center in Sweden

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